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The VCC is a compassionate, ecumenical global initiative for the well being,
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Following his heart, Roger Siegel protested injustice by joining the civil rights struggle, becoming a staff member of the Northern Student Movement's Harlem education project. He was beaten and arrested many times for his beliefs.

Roger was also on the staff of The Henry Street Settlement, and other community centers. He also worked with visually impaired, mentally challenged and homeless populations.

After meeting Swami Bhaktivedanta and becoming his disciple in April, 1967 (and now with the name Gurudas) he was appointed president of the London Temple; and later put in charge of the Krishna Balaram Temple project in Vrindavan. Gurudas then befriended the American ambassador, Kenneth Keating, and procured two tons of food for distribution in the Bangla Desh refugee camps. This was the start of “Food for Life."

Roger is also a professional counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Many people have expressed their gratitude for how Gurudas has cared for them, and now we are facilitating the Vedic Care Cooperative for more structured and stable care.

Email: gurudas *at*


Aradhana devi dasi

Aradhana left Brazil at nineteen to explore the world (and look for Krsna). As the great granddaughter of a native Brazilian Shaman, she never could accept mainstream spiritual paths that were so limiting to her sensibilities.

She first saw 'Hare Krishnas' in Munich in 1988, then was given a picture of Radha and Krsna in Los Angeles in 1989. Many years later she was introduced to the philosophy of Krishna consciousness.

Aradhana worked for many years as a top model, actress and documentary filmmaker, while learning four languages and achieving great material success.

Based in Paris, Aradhana married and gave birth to a baby boy. She finally joined the movement in Manhattan after receiving Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita in 2002.

Today, Aradhana runs a film production company with her devotee husband. She is grateful for this opportunity to serve the Vaishnavas, helping to bring devotees together to create a health system to assist all Vaishnavas on their way back home, back to Godhead.

Email: aradhana *at*


Rama Nrsimha Das

After attending various schools until 18 years, he joined ISKCON in the UK at Bury Place when he visited the Temple for a love feast; he practically never left. Reading Bhagavad-Gita as it is and many other Srila Prabhupada's books and associating with the devotees, increased his taste. He then threw himself with gusto into sadhana practice and soon discovered the joys of book distribution.

Since then he's done various services, including fund raising, management, preaching and devotee care.

He currently lives near Bhaktivedanta Manor which he attends regularly and enjoys country walks & sharing Krishna consciousness with interested people in the area and via the Internet.

Email: rama *at*

Administration Team


Priya Tirupathi

Priya was born in India and is currently living in Melbourne, Australia. She's very competent and hard-working devotee and studied at RMIT University in Melbourne. Her dedication to the VCC is inspiring.

Email: priya.tirupathi *at*


Matus Soustruznik

Matus lives and works for the VCC from Slovakia. He did an Internship as a teaching assistant in Special Education at the Sadhana Institute for the Mentally Challenged. He also worked at Total Health & Training Services for young and vulnerable adults, in the UK.

Matus is a kind and concerned soul who works hard to assist our VCC mission.

Email: matus *at*

Please join with us in making this noble idea of Vedic Care a reality. Hare Krishna!