Our Mission

An International Community Based on Love and Trust

The Vedic Care Charitable Trust is an international members and volunteer supported organization (registered in the US as a 501(c)3 non-profit) working to facilitate retirement homes and holistic clinics for spiritual seekers in need.
We also act as a support mechanism for like minded souls working
on their own care initiatives, possibly in isolation.


Loving care, scripture readings, mantra music, meditation, blessed vegetarian food and supporting the needs of family members. These are some of the services our Out-Reach teams provide.


Our Model Facility is Here! If you’d like to serve with us in Vrindavan, India, on this historic project, Contact Us. We’ll be caring for locals, and others in need from around the world.


Our Vedic Care Community has an immense amount of knowledge and experience. Our Retreats & Events allow us to share this, while teaching preventative medicine and self-healing.

Vedic Care Mission


Revealing our minds in confidence is an important ‘loving exchange’. Our medical advisors coupled this with various types of ‘medical knowledge’ to counsel those in need; as schedules allow.


By the blessings of our donors, we’re able to care for those in need; see our Success Stories. With your help, we can care for many more. Please considering giving to some of our current ’causes’ Here.


For many suffering illness in isolation, this technology can provide a crucial source of spiritual inspiration. We can gift these items to those in need.

If you need care, or would like to care for others, please Contact Us.

Locations – Vrindavan On Home Page

The Vedic Care Model Facility

We dreamed of opening our First Model Facility in Vrindavan, India, and finally, it’s here!
With many rooms across two floors, this holistic clinic and assisted living facility
will serve many in need, whether locally based, or from around the world.

As excited as we are, there’s still a lot to do. With your help and blessings
we’ll be able to carry out the important repairs and renovations needed
to open this historic facility.

Contact Us if you’d like more information about the specific repairs and renovations that are needed,
or for a greater idea of the services we’ll be providing.


Our Community of Love & Trust

The Vedic Care Charitable Trust was formed by Gurudas in 2015, with the help of Rama Nrisimha Dasa and
Aradhana Devi Dasi, and became a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization in 2016.

The Vedic Care Trustees are:

Read More about Rama

Co-Founder, Trustee, Hands-On Care & Out-Reach London

After attending various schools, at 18 he joined the Hare Krishna movement in the UK at Bury Place, when visiting the Temple for a vegetarian love feast; he practically never left.

Reading ‘Bhagavad-Gita As It Is’ and many other of Srila Prabhupada’s books, and associating with the devotees, increased his taste. He then threw himself with gusto into spiritual practice and soon discovered the joys of book distribution.

Since then he’s done various services, including fund raising, management, preaching and devotee care.

He currently lives near Bhaktivedanta Manor, which he attends regularly, enjoying country walks and sharing Krishna consciousness with interested people in the area and via the Internet.

Please read the VCC ‘The New York Times‘ article written in the first year of our VCC endevour. Also, our article in the ‘Back to Godhead‘ magazine.

Read More about Aradhana

Co-Founder, Trustee, CEO, Administrator, Out-Reach & Teams Manager

Ana left Brazil at 19 to explore the world and seek spiritual enlightenment. As the great granddaughter of a native Brazilian Shaman, she never could accept mainstream spiritual paths that were so limiting to her sensibilities.

She worked for many years as a top model, actress and documentary filmmaker, learned four languages and achieved great material success. While based in Paris, she married and gave birth to a baby boy.

Ana first saw the ‘Hare Krishnas’ in Munich in 1988 and years later, was introduced to the yogic philosophy of Krishna consciousness. She finally joined the movement in Manhattan after receiving Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita. She accepted a Guru and became Aradhana Devi Dasi.

Today, Aradhana runs a film production company with her devotee husband. She is grateful for this opportunity to serve the spiritual community, helping to bring devotees together to create a health system for assisting all Vaishnavas and spiritual seekers in need.

Please read the VCC ‘The New York Times‘ article written in the first year of our VCC endevour. Also, our article in the ‘Back to Godhead‘ magazine.

* Yoga-Maya Entertainment
* Yoga-Maya on Vimeo

Read More about Gurudas

Founder & Trustee, Hospice Care Advisor, Out-Reach in San Francisco, California | C.H.T., B.A., Bhakti Sastri, Hypnotherapist & Pastoral Counseling

SWAMIJI – Photographic Expressions of a Golden Age
COMING SOON… a collector’s edition, large format hardbound volume presenting Gurudas’ photographic rendering of the historic, worldwide expansion of an ancient transcendental movement.
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Following his heart, Roger protested injustice by joining the civil rights struggle, and becoming a staff member of the Northern Student Movement’s Harlem education project. He was beaten and arrested many times for his beliefs.

He was also on the staff of The Henry Street Settlement, and other community centers. He’s worked with visually impaired, mentally challenged and homeless populations.

After meeting Swami Bhaktivedanta and becoming his disciple in 1967 (now Gurudas) he was appointed president of the London Temple where he became friends with The Beatles and recorded “The Radha Krsna Temple” album with George Harrison; the album went straight into the charts.

He was later put in charge of the Krishna Balaram Temple project in Vrindavan. Gurudas then befriended the American ambassador, Kenneth Keating, and procured two tons of food for distribution in the Bangladesh refugee camps. This was the start of “Food for Life”.

Many people have expressed their gratitude for how Gurudas has cared for them and now we are facilitating the Vedic Care Charitable Trust for more structured and stable care.

He is also a photographer, professional counselor and certified Hypnotherapist. He has extensive experience in counseling, spanning over 35 years and has worked with private patients, couples, groups, and has facilitated healing seminars.

Please read Gurudas’ ‘The New York Times‘ article written in the first year of his VCC endevour. Also, our article in the ‘Back to Godhead‘ magazine.

Subscribe to Guruda’s YouTube Channel. Gurudas is now giving Srila Prabhupada’s Pilgrimage Tours in San Francisco. For more info please visit his Personal Site.

It took many more to get to where we are today! Our Vedic Care Community is a dynamic group of loving souls.
As more come, the vision expands, so if caring for ‘spiritual seekers in need’ resonates within your heart, Contact Us.

Because Bliss is for Everyone!


Vedic Care Projects – Around the World

With so many wonderful souls coming together, inspired by the Love & Trust, we’ve built
an ambitious list of projects – in various stages of realization – All Over The World.

  • Vedic Care Charity - Locations


The VCC hotline is for assisting devotees from afar, in times of great need. If you need to reveal your mind in confidence, ask questions or share your experiences, we’ll be there.


Assisted living facilities provide residents in long-term senior care personal support services, such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation.


Spiritual Health Care centers are dedicated to caring for Krishna’s devotees, and others aspiring to live a life of service to God; providing complete wrap-around services for all.


Our hospice projects will allow each client to fully absorb their mind in transcendence, so they may be adequately prepared for that critical time of passing.


Self-sufficient eco-villages and spiritual environments for spiritual seekers are on the way; as we build partnerships for communities everywhere.


We invite you to “seed your retirement” with us, as we plan tiny homes in residential villages for retirement in our eco-village and farm projects. More here.

If you’d like to help develop any of these important care initiatives,
in any of these locations (or others), Let Us Know.

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A more secure future is the by-product of a healthy community. Being on this site means you understand the
importance of caring for others. Please consider helping us to maintain and expand, by:
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We’re grateful for every penny and treat every donor with love and respect. It’s your donation that fuels our World-Wide ‘Care’ Initiative.

You can give to a specific Cause,
for the start-up or monthly maintenance of our Vrindavan model Facility, or allow us to direct it where it’s most needed.

For gifts, and donations by check, please Request our postal address.

For those who are able, we suggest making a monthly donation (below) to aid our long-term stability.

Vedic Care Donate


Volunteer and dovetail your profession or hobby in the care of others. We have projects All Over The World, in various stages of realization.

Let’s Talk about how you can best serve in this dynamic Community.


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The Vedic Times is our Sister Website, dedicated to publishing articles from guest authors on the
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We enjoy publishing writers who have something valuable to say in regards to Vedic culture and philosophy.

We’re currently hosting articles from a handful of inspiring devotees, so send us your work, and upon approval, we’ll publish it on our Vedic Times Site.

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We’ll soon have our online shop back online, at the Vedic Times, where you’ll be able to find, photographic or fine art prints, incense, books & E-books, as well as VCC branded items.

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When our Library is back online at the Vedic Time, you’ll be able to browse many volumes on Vedic Wisdom and related fields, all available for download.

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