Anonymous – Europe

Hare Krsna,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would like to say a few words about my experience with His Grace Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu. We came in contact a week ago through Mother Aradhana Devi Dasi, while I was desperately searching for help. Throughout my life, and especially for the last 6 years, I have been suffering a lot due to my illnesses. No one was able to sufficiently help me hold on, at least to some degree, to my spiritual practice, even though it always eases up the situation.

From a place where everything is so dark and with no hope and light on the horizon, I met Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu. He is giving me much love, changing my state of consciousness and helping me to improve my overall health. I almost completely lost my faith in God, ISKCON and the devotees. Meeting Chaitanya Swarup is changing all this. He has such an amazingly loving and compassionate approach, which melts your heart and makes you very willing and determined to change, improve, and most importantly, go much much deeper in your practice. I have been practicing Krsna consciousness for more than 11 years, but no one before Chaitanya Swarup showed me how personal, intimate, and special each soul’s connection with the Lord is. Nor has anyone shown me that the connection is not external. His broad vision and deep understanding of Krsna consciousness is giving life to me.

You can see that Prabhu went through so much in his life and that he never lost faith and the sight of his life goal, Love of Godhead. I learn so much from him. My understanding of God was and still is, quite fanatical, superficial and fear based. Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu is changing all that. With his loving voice and written messages, I feel so much safer. I feel I am not alone, and that someone really cares. In addition, I believe in God again, and that He loves me also and is helping me through this great soul.

It is very obvious that Chaitanya Swarup is a great soul, with a glorious personality, very experienced and learned in many different areas of Vedic wisdom and medicine. He is aware how everything must be in the best possible balance of body, mind and soul. He understands that everything we do (from moment to moment) needs to be spiritualized in a very focused, conscious and intelligent way. You will not find his knowledge and realizations in the books, they are very precious, life changing and deep. He is sharing all of this in a such a loving and unselfish way. He just leaves you standing and wondering: what did I do to deserve his association?!

Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu has a very personal approach. He will make sure you never feel like a number, or a just another “Prabhu”. I can see how he is trying to be a messenger for me and I can feel his blessings. He shares his universal realizations and wisdom, but at the same time he is trying to connect with me in a very personal way, to see who and how am I. Even in spiritual circles, this is something very rare, and it leaves me speechless.

I am so grateful to the Lord that he sent Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu into my life. Although we are in contact through Facebook messenger, phone and emails, Prabhuji is really present in my life and I am sure if we stay in contact and I manage to follow his lead and instructions, everything will improve. I will survive all the trials and tribulations of this crazy world and be successful on my spiritual path, which is actually my greatest desire. I just want to be able to chant again. Nobody cared about my fallen state in such a way. Everyone gave me stereotyped advices about what am I doing wrong and how in maya and tamas I am. Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu is bringing me up, because he has a true compassion and love in his heart for devotees and you can see clearly how he wants me to be successful. Like a true father, he wants me up, he is not smashing me down. I can feel enthusiasm in my lungs again, just because of his love and unconditional service. I really look up to him and I want to become able to do as he does. It will take time and great purity, but I believe he is showing me the way and most definitely purifying my heart.

Thank you dear Chaitanya Swarup Prabhu for all. I pray that one day the Lord allows me to serve devotees so expertly, lovingly, and sincerely as you do.

Yours truly,
… das