Heather Holman

Heather Holman – United States

Heather is a Carer herself, and a great one we’ve heard! In April, 2017, she writes:

“I had read about the VCC before I saw the article in the NY Times. They help a lot of people and reach out to those really in need. The Vedic Care Charitable Trust also didn’t hesitate to help me when I was struggling with no vision and elected myself for surgery. Their caring and support brought me hope.

It is important for Vaisnavas to be cared for by other Vaisnavas on a community level. The people in charge of the VCC organization have something really good going and it will undoubtedly grow. I see hard work and good service paying off and only hope someday I can be a proactive part of it as well. Swami Prabhupada would be proud because the VCC has compassion and show they care.

Your Humble Servant,
Heather Holman”