Sriman Mahaksha Dasa (ACBSP)

Sriman Mahaksha Dasa (ACBSP) was cared for in London, personally and for many years by his very long time and close friend Rama Nrsimha Dasa prabhu (VCC Trustee, Co-Founder and Hands-On Care).

Early April 2018 Rama Nrsimha received an urgent text, after having dropped him at the Airport to leave London for Thailand, (due to a poor lung condition, Mahaksha stayed out of the big cities as much as possible). Sadly Mahaksha passed away that evening in his hotel room.

Rama Nrsimha, our inspiration when it comes to out-reach and hands-on care, began immediately the long and hard work of logistics, getting Mahaksha’s family and the British government involved so as to give his dear friend a proper shraddha ceremony. The VCC Out-Reach provides this service as needed.

Unfortunately, Mahaksha did not leave a written will (we recommend that everyone does leave a will), so after long days of exhausting work, power of attorney was given to Rama by the family; then Rama kindly led, and with the assistance of many kind devotees, the needful funds were found and further legalities were done from London.

Riddha Dasa, who lives in Mayapura with his family, soon hopped on a plane for Thailand to take care of local paperwork, arranging there for a proper Vaishnava cremation and to bring Mahaksha’s ashes back to the Ganga for submersion.

Our beloved Mahaksha was a kind man, brilliant musician, great Astrologer, preacher and an amazing, colorful personality. He will be missed by so many, as his positive energy, unflinching faith and fired up attitude was contagious and inspiring.

Mahaksha left behind a wonderful project in Bulgaria and we’ll do our very best to honor his desires.