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The Vedic Care USA Model Facility

How will we Care in Sedona, Arizona

Wisdom of the elders
Energy of the young
As spring and winter dance together
In service and devotion to God

At the Vedic Care Charitable Trust, we are committed to developing
a community based in Tuscon, Arizona,
to take excellent care of our spiritual elders.

Civilization means caring for our elderly and facilitating
service between our elderly and young.

Experience embraces curiosity
A sense of perspective greets adventure
Knowing blends with hope
Patience harmonizes with exploration

Our elders will feel valued and nurtured.
Our younger volunteers will feel empowered with purpose.

Together, in God’s service, we will care for each other, and thereby,
develop our devotion.

Why have The VCC chosen Sedona, Arizona?

The desert southwest (Sedona, Arizona) is the ideal location for VCC senior care, hospice care, permaculture, arts and community building because of the inspiring and world famous landscape, year round warm weather and breathtaking mountain vistas. Our local partners, Sedona Wellness are very supportive and welcoming; we’re now working on securing land near the Verde River.

The ideal property will include a back lot with three separate guest homes, all of which will have two bedrooms, one bath and full kitchens. This will allow us to have seven-plus beds for Adult Assisted Care. We’d also like to acquire a small farm for our Vastu Cottage business, Permaculture and Eco-Village Project. For the detailed Business Plan (with three year projections) for this operation, please email us at info(at)vediccare.org. Thank you.

Patients, artists, food activists, healers and teachers will work together, building a community where devotees can find peace in their end of life transition, surrounded by caring counselors, Vedic doctors, spiritual artists and musicians.

Teachers will educate on broader global subjects to enrich the lives of the old and young. Spiritually minded food activists can grow and educate the surrounding community on sustainable, organic farming in smaller spaces. And finally, creative artists can inspire with their music, singing, sculpting and canvas work.

We have six staff members ready to serve, and four beds to fill already today.

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