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Here are a number of devotees we’re currently doing our best to serve; others prefer not to be named.
Please consider giving for their current treatment or situation; everything donated for them,
goes directly to their cause; minus Paypal’s transaction fees (reduced for charities).

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Krishna Priya Devi Dasi

In her words: “I am a very lowly Vaishnava devotee of Radha Krsna who has gotten trapped in the material world… my material body began to shake, mostly in the hands, making everything I do very difficult.
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Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated dear friend.”

Krishna Priya devi dasi has been actively practicing Bhakti Yoga since 1975. She has lately developed strong Alzheimer’s symptoms and is isolated in Boston; today in need for a living in carer. We’ve assisted her for over one year, keeping her company by phone with our Out-Reach Team members.

We’ve also provided some natural medicine and supplements, and would love to do this monthly and for this we need your kind contribution. Thank you.

Your prayers, local assistance (if you’re in the area), or tax deductible donations are all welcomed. The VCC is here to help and we’re operating with full transparency in our endeavors.

With love and trust we can do so much.

Caruhasa Dasa

Caruhasa das (aka Alvin Caruhasa Breathwaite), is a disciple of his Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada and is one of the leading artists in ISKCON. His paintings and murals can be seen in many Temples around the world, including America, England and India.
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The past times of Lord Caitanya painted on the ceiling of the L.A. New Dwarka Temple are a mark of his love and devotion that continue to inspire devotees.

Caruhasa das, a devoted artist and Ramayana videographer, suffered a severe stroke that left him paralyzed on the left side of his body in November 2013. Currently he lives in Las Vegas, at a residential care home, due to his health deteriorating. A preliminary need is a specialized wheelchair which would suit his condition, giving him the physical rehabilitation, he needs. The “Health Pedal GoXCy30,” is a pedal wheelchair, designed for stroke patients and is not covered by his medical insurance.

The home is a far cry from the devotional lifestyle and environment he has spent his life living. He has a strong desire to be to close to devotees and eventually have a small quarters in an ISKCON Temple in India, where he may be amongst devotees in an atmosphere of devotion and worship.

By the grace of Srila Prabhupada we come together to support Caruhasa so that he may relocate to the upcoming Vedic Care facilty in Sedona, Arizona, and eventualy to move and be close to Sri Krsna’s holy dham. Living and being cared for by devotees will allow him to receive all the health care, association and comfort he so desperately needs. We would like to raise funds to get him relocated as soon as possible.

A humble donation would be of tremendous benefit to his cause. Thank you in advance for supporting his care.

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Mahabuddhi Dasa

Mahabuddhi experienced a tragedy while doing service at the Alachua, Florida temple. He took a fall and the whole force of the fall went right on his head, cracking his skull. This created a very bad brain injury and trauma.
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He was unconscious at the scene of the accident Monday, June 25 when he was immediately brought to the hospital and still unconscious presently.

We hope he will regain consciousness in the next week or two and it will be a very long road for recovery. The type of rehabilitation he will need outside normal rehab will be very costly. For all who do not know him he is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada from the early 70’s.

He served mostly in New Vrindavan and the last 29 years in Florida. He is the most friendly soul and all who know him really love him. He has always been willing to serve and do whatever he can for others on a daily basis for years with a nice attitude and never a harsh word for anybody.

For many years he has been the face of the Krishna lunch at the Santa Fe College organizing cooking and serving out. Even his caregiver in the trauma center said while he was in school Mahabuddhi would serve him lunch every day and they would eat together and he says now it is his chance to serve him.

Unfortunately Mahabuddhi has no savings or money to speak of and right now no voice so I am trying to be his voice and ask everyone if it is at all possible to give anything you can so we can give him the best rehabilitation. A large percentage of people with this kind of brain injury have a long struggle to try to recover 100% The treatment we are trying to give him that is not covered by insurance, as well as whatever the professionals in the hospital do, is called quantum neurology.

We have the best doctor right here in Gainesville to administer this neurological application. Along with that treatment he will also have to come up with some co payments for hospital care because it will not be 100% covered by insurance, although most of it will.

We are hoping by the time he does the first course which will take him through the end of the year that he will be recovered enough that we can continue after that without much expense and will not need help anymore.

Please contact us if you wish to visit him, and give generously to assist with his treatments and recovery. All donations in the USA have tax benefits. Thank you.

Below Mahabuddhi having fun in a devotional Theater production; today sadly at the Hospital in Alachua, FL.

Anasuya Nelson

Anasuya is one of our Success Stories. She is now back in London and Rama is through our VCC Out-Reach UK, following up regarding how she is being cared for inside the NHS English Health System. Your donations have been forwarded to her mom, she kindly donated a little surplus to other causes. Your prayers are welcomed for all of them.

We’ve very grateful for your constant support. Thank you!

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