Locations – England

The Vedic Care Healing & Educational Centre,
Retirement Home and Organic Farm in England

There is nothing like the British countryside, so you are all
welcome to assist with our first VCC location.

We have, available for development, a six bedroom country home,
with a lovely garden and small next door Temple.
Please volunteer here.

Furthermore we’re planning on a Micro-Farm near London where Organic Farming, Vedic Compost,
Devotee’s Care and Cow’s protection will be coexisting in complete harmony.
Please request our detailed presentation here.

For the farming, we’re planning to use Radha Krsna das (aka Richard Higgins’)
and ‘The Good Gardeners’ science:

“Being a trustee of the Good Gardeners charity for 10 years who were the founders of the
‘No Dig’ system in the UK, we have rolled three sciences into one and it is now known as the ‘Howard-Higgins Horticultural System’.
These three sciences are the No Dig system, Planting By The Moon and the fertility making work of Sir Albert Howard.
Once set up anyone can grow food this way.
It is recognised as extremely therapeutic and satisfying to go into the garden and
be involved with the meditation and thoughtfulness that is required
to grow food, touch soil and be in harmony with Nature.” Richard Higgins

We have a strong Out-Reach UK Team.
So we’re constantly caring for devotees in need there.

Please give generously today

To donate specifically, please include ~to the Out-Reach UK~ Thank you.

Or contact us for more information on our England and London Projects.
Thank you!

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