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Care Initiatives in Progress Around the World

If you’d like to help develop any of our care initiatives in these locations (or others), Write Us Here.

Vrindavan, India

The Vedic Care Model Facility – Vrindavan, India

Having recently secured a two story building, our next task is to prepare it for service; the building is in need of renovations and repairs. Now, with your involvement and blessings, we’ll soon be able to serve many more in need, right in the Holy Dhama.

Visit our dedicated Vrindavan page for more information.

Contact us if you’d like to serve with the VCC in Vrindavan. You can donate to this important project Here.

Brihuega, Spain

Vedic Care New Vrajamandala – near Madrid, Spain

Yadunandana Swami has agreed to lend us two rooms for ‘care’ at this beautiful farm. Madhurya Lila is our Ambassador and we look forward to serving as many as possible there, mostly during the summer.

Visit our dedicated New Vrajamandala page for more information.

Or Contact us if you’d like to serve with us there. You can donate to this important project Here. Thank you.

London, England

Vedic Care Out-Reach – London, England

Out-reach in and around London has been helping devotees in need for many years.

If you’d like to aid our Out-Reach efforts in the south of England, please see more here.

Or, if you prefer to help with the expenses our team incurs, please donate what you can here.


Holistic Clinic, Out-Reach & Organic Farm – England

You are welcome to assist with our first VCC location in the British countryside. We have available, a six bedroom country home with a lovely garden and small temple next door.

Our dedicated ‘England’ page is here.

Contact us if you’d like to serve with the VCC in England.

Radhadesh, Belgium

Care Facility – Radhadesh, Belgium

Bhagavati Devi Dasi is responsible for an inspiring care initiative in Belgium. The facility has one room where a local doctor and regional palliative care team can work.

Contact us if you’d like to see how to help Bhagavati Devi Dasi with this project. You can also donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.

Alachua, Florida

Out-Reach – Alachua, Florida

The Vedic Care, in conjunction with Devaki Devi Dasi, operates an Out-Reach Team in Alachua. She is very active and looking forward to growing her efforts into a fully operational care facility for local devotees in need.

Read more about our initiatives in Alachua, Florida here.

Contact us if you’d like to help the wonderful carers in Alachua. You can also donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.

New Mexico, USA

Hare Krishna Village – New Mexico, USA

Ishan Dasa, who was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1968, and his wife, Darvesha, would like your association. He invites interested parties to get in touch. Although, it’s uncertain exactly how this community will come together, Ishan invites interested parties to get in touch. With Krishna’s guidance, this community will evolve organically with an atmosphere of love and trust.

More about Ishan prabhu’s vision is here.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

USA Model Facility – Sedona, Arizona

The desert southwest is the ideal location for Vedic Care senior care, hospice care, permaculture and arts & community building, because of the inspiring, world famous landscape, year round warm weather and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Visit our dedicated Sedona, Arizona page here.

Or donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.

Mississippi, USA

New Talavan Farm Community – Mississippi, USA

“We must become self-sufficient by growing our own grains and producing our own milk,” A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami say, “then, there will be no question of poverty. Develop these farm communities as far as possible. They should be developed as an ideal society, depending on natural products not industry.”

Care facilities are an important part of any community. More about our initiative to bring the VCC to New Talavan is here.

Big Island, Hawaii, USA

The Vedic Care Retreat – Big Island, Hawaii

We’re looking forward to building a small Vedic Care Retreat Facility on this Island. This one dedicated to preventive medicine treatments and the Caring and Recuperation of dear souls who give their lives to the good and well being of others.

More about our ‘Big Island’ Retreat center plans are here.

Paraty, Brazil

The Vedic Care in Goura Vrindavana – Paraty, Brazil

Goura Vrindavana is an Eco-Village on a 800 hectare farmland in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest. We have great plans for Brazil, beginning with yoga Retreats.

If you’re in Brazil, and would like to help the Vedic Care create care facilities, or retreats, let us know.

Or please donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.


The Vedic Care – France

We’re in the early stages of developing two projects in the French countryside.

If you are in France, and would like to develop the ‘Love & Care’ for spiritual seekers in need, please get in touch.

You can also donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.


The Vedic Care at the Eco-Pueblo – Bolivia

At a Vedic Care retirement facility in an eco-village, individuals can expect a safe, residential cooperative wherein the individual is cherished. Through the cooperative, we’ll create cottage industries for music, film, dance and mantra meditation.

And, through organic farming, prasadam (blessed foodstuff) will be plentiful. And, to feed the mind, there will be seminars and other events.

All about this amazing project in Bolivia is here.

The Vedic Care Love Farm – Bulgaria

Sometimes we just need to get away, go off the grid and take rest; get back to nature and recharge. Vedic Care farms are for preventive health treatments, and to give care to devotees who may be getting specific treatments alone.

In Bulgaria we have a six bedroom farmhouse with a big fruit and vegetable garden available near the Danubio River.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for developing this project further.


The Vedic Care in an Eco-Village – Colombia

Another potential Hospice and Retirement Village project is in the Colombian countryside, near the town of Cali, in South America.

If you have any interest in this project, Contact Us.

You can also donate to help expand all of our Vedic Care efforts here.