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The Hare Krsna Eco-Village in New Mexico, USA

Self-sufficiency and Spirituality are buzz words today, because these are the keys to the future of life of planet earth. The age of technological advancement, although showcased as progressive and fulfilling, is proving itself to be devoid of meaning, in a higher sense.

Making the transition to a more natural way of life, not only guarantees full time association of devotees, but serves to provide a haven for future generations. To make this a reality, the first essential step is the association of devotees, so that together we can make our lives into a celebration of Krishna consciousness.

It is up to us to make this happen!

Ishan Dasa and Aradhana Devi Dasi in Arizona , spring 2017

Ishan das, who was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1968, is the creator of the Balaram mridanga. He and his wife, Darvesha, would like your association. Ishan invites interested parties to get in touch. He also invites you to visit his Facebook page, ‘Love of Krishna’ to learn more about his thoughts and plans.

It’s uncertain exactly how this community will come together, but with Krishna’s guidance, it will evolve organically in an atmosphere of love and trust. The model of totalitarian leadership will never endure over the long haul. The successes of varnashram are based upon embracing the joint direction of an unmotivated brahminical consensus that cultivates a sincere concern for the ultimate welfare of all. This way of living has been offered to us. It is up to us to rise to the occasion.

To get involved, please contact us here.

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