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VCC Standards in Regard to Volunteers & Donors

The Vedic Care Charitable Trust is an Independent Organization

The Vedic Care Charity (VCC) world-wide will remain independent of all other organizations. If any member or volunteer are, or feel themselves to be, part of another organization, their primary allegiance in matters related to the VCC must be the VCC.

There is no type of aid, service or promise that will adjust this ‘Independent Status’ of the Vedic Care Charity, or its management.


All service offered and/or provided to the Vedic Care Charity is done on a volunteer basis (not paid) unless otherwise decided unanimously by the Trustees, who may approve certain expenses or renumeration, if they deem it essential to the VCC’s mission.

All those wishing to serve within the VCC, in any capacity (unless as a donor), will do so according to a set of standards, for which they must agree, by filling out the form in full below. The essentials are (but not limited to):

  • Respecting confidentiality at all times, in all respects;
  • Carrying out only the services assigned;
  • Being responsive (by your preferred medium of communication) within 2-3 days of being contacted (barring extreme circumstances);
  • If unable to make it for a scheduled call or meeting, to communicate your absence at least 24 hours before the call or meeting;

Not following these essentials will result in the Volunteer being relived of all duties, responsibilities and services.


All funds raised in the name of and for the Vedic Care Charity are to be donated (in full) into one of the preexisting expense categories, for example, our ‘Vrindavan Facility’, ‘Out-Reach Teams’, ‘Anonymous Causes’ and ‘Named Causes’, etc.

Funds collected for a specific ‘cause’ (individual) or expense category will be used for that purpose, unless decided otherwise by the donor and/or recipient of the funds; and in agreement with the VCC Trustees.

Donations of any kind to the Vedic Care Charity, and/or the service of fundraising, do not grant any type of management position, or level of decision making within the Vedic Care Charity; for the donor, fundraiser or any other outside party.

Volunteer Form

If you’d like to join our expanding team of volunteers, serving spiritual seekers in need,
please fill out the form below and we’ll be right back in touch to discuss the options.
Thank you!

Services needed by the VCC include: doctors, nurses, carers, counselors, teachers, readers, bhajaneers, IT and online experts, marketing & communications, artists, architects, engineers, builders & general helpers, drivers, plumbers, electricians, brahmanas and yogis.

Basic Dos and Don’ts


* Encourage one another
* Be honest and kind
* Be objective and efficient
* Read all emails and documents that are shared from the administration team and fellow volunteers
* Be respectful and reasonable at all times
* Keep unnecessary talks and gossip at bay
* Reply to email when a response is required or requested (best is within 48 hours)
* Keep on track with one seva and ask help if needed right away
* Communicate your absence from scheduled calls/meetings that you’re requested to attend (for the benefit of the agenda and others)
* Be respectful of others’ time
* Keep everything confidential until or unless the Core Team requests sharing
* Personal things are personal, so please keep it also confidential
* Keep Facebook and all online posts clean, professional and serious. We’re not here to entertain
* We’re diplomatic but not naive
* We’re kind but will not suck up to anyone, in any position
* We’re respectful of all but will not become anyone’s doormat
* Be patient
* Avoid toxic people
* Use common sense
* Ask a concise and precise question when you’re not sure
* Engage yours and others’ mind in positive endevours
* Honor Srila Prabhupada at all times


* Don’t get involved in politics of any kind - ever
* Don’t give excuses, only care
* Do not gossip
* Don’t share any private information about anyone, at anytime
* Don’t ignore your fellow caring devotees or any volunteers - ever
* Don’t share any information that could compromise our Charity Status
* Don’t give your attention to envious personalities (once recognized as such)
* Report strange behavior (from anyone) if it may jeopardize the VCC’s caring endevours
* In case of discord have your facts - and not emotions - ready for a responsible and adult discussion
* No finger pointing / blaming