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Welcome to your Magical Caring Place!

For so long, our team members and supporters have dreamed of a Vedic Care facility in Vrindavan.
Finally, we’re able to announce: Our Model Facility Is Here!

Our first line of business is to carry out minor renovations and repairs to prepare our new facility.
We have the will, the skills and the support. Now, with your involvement and blessings,
we’ll soon be able to serve many more in need.

To serve with us at our Vedic Care Vrindavan Model Facility, or donate the much needed funds for essential
renovations and repairs, please Contact Us (detailed budget upon request), or give today (using the button below).
Consider ticking the ‘make this a monthly donation’ box, as the costs of care for those in need
will be on-going, once our facility is open.

Please give generously! Thank you.

We’d like to honor and thank for the support of a few special friends, who believed in us at the very start, sadly, they are no longer with us.
Please read our Homage Article to Mr. Amrik Here, a wonderful well-wisher on our road to success.
We’d also like to acknowledge the late Shyam Vallabha Dasa Prabhu, our amazing, competent and kind Ayurvedic doctor;
may Krsna embrace them both.

This facility is dedicated to the memory of Govindji Mulji prabhu.

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